Nekteck USB-IF Certified Charger with 39W Type C Power Delivery & 12W USB-A Adapter

  • USB IF POWER BRICK CERTIFIED(TID: 1200085): 39W Power Delivery USB Type C Wall Charger passed rigorous test by USB compliance standard. No more worries about damaging your device, it’s fast and safe to provides you the best possible performance.
  • USB IF Certified Type-C™ 100W capable cable (TID: 240 000 273) features a next-generation Type-C connector with a new design that is fully reversible. This allows you to plug in without fail, regardless of how you are holding and inserting the cable.
  • UNIVERSAL AND COMPATIBILITY: Compliant any USB-C devices charging for smartphones, tablets, laptops and more powerful devices with highly output.
  • Additional standard USB A port allows your to Charge Non-USBC devices at FULL speed simultaneously with Type-C combined 51W(Shared by 2 ports: 39W, 12W)
  • Certified by USB-IF, UL Listed, RoHS, CE & FCC certificated, using the Highest Quality Components, build-in Safeguards Protected Against Over-Charging, Over-Currents, and Over-Heating

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Product Specification

USB-C™ with Power Delivery
Charges the new MacBook at 29W full speed, and 2016 Macbook Pro at 39W, almost twice as fast as a standard USB-C charge-leaving you with more time for you.

USB IF Certified Throughout
First 51W Power Delivery USB Type C Car Charger and 5A capable cable, passed rigorous test by USB compliance standard. No more worries about damaging your device, it’s fast and safe to provides you the best possible performance.

Compatible with laptops, tablets and smartphones with a USB Type-C connector, such as Apple 12 inch MacBook, 2016 Macbook Pro, Nokia N1, LG G5, Asus Zen AiO, ASUS Zenpad S 8.0, Google ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X/6P, Galaxy Tabpro S/ S8/ S8 Plus/ Nintendo Switch, HTC 10

Universal compatibility
With an additional smart USB-A port, it intelligently identifies your device and seeks to maximize its charging speed for standard USB devices such as iPhone, iPad.

Guaranteed Safety
UL/CE/FCC USB-IF certified with full design protection( Automatic Recovery, Over Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Safe Charging, Radiation Protection )

Input: AC 100-240V
Output: USB Type-C Power Delivery: 5V/9V-3A, 15V-2.6A (Max)
USB-A 5V/2.4A/12W
Cable Length: 2M/6.6 Feet

Notes: Please use your device’s original charging cable or Nekteck’s MFI / USB Certified Cable for the best possible performance

Package Content
1 x Nekteck PD 39W USB-C & 12W USB-A Travel Charger
USB IF Certified Type C to C 20/5A/100W Cable – 2M


Q:   Why it’s not showing “fast/quick charging” on my smartphone, Like Samsung, Essential Phone? 

A:  1. Due to the different protocol, some devices use QC protocol like Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G5 may NOT show "fast charging"

  1. Essential phone not only supports 9V rail, but also support 12V charging rail too(they advertise 9V3A only),  so when the phone is charging at 12V rail, the charging current decrease (but overall charging voltage does NOT change, still 27W Max). the Essential phone maybe only monitors the current for charging speed showing “charging rapidly or slowly”, that’s why you will receive the  “charging slowly” message sometimes, but the actual charging speed is faster, or at least, NOT slower.
  2. the charging speed will decrease when most smartphones get more charged, it will reduce high Voltage to 5V when the phone is above certain battery percentage for safety and thermal


Q:  The Charger only charge my device at 5V

A :  1. It may take 10~20 seconds for the device and charge to negotiate before increase the charging voltage.

  1. for some smartphones like iPhone X, 8, the charging voltage will decrease to 5V when the percentage/ thermal reach certain level.

Q:  The charger does not charge full speed as advertised, why is that?

A :  1. Check the maximum power your device can draw first,  your device may have the limitation for the maximum power input.

  1. If you use USB-C Hub with PD, it's very likely the Hubs will consume a portion of power so the actual charging watts will be reduced on your end device.
  2. Only use the certified cable for optimal performance, if the charger itself is above 60W, make sure to use USB-C cable with 5A/100W capability. 

 Q:  Can I use the charger that output more power through USB-C than the maximum of the phone can draw? 

A:  Yes, that's actually the beauty of the USB-C Power Delivery technology.