iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X Supports Qi Wireless Charging

With the rise of smartphone’s impressive features this year, every brand is trying to keep up and be as innovative as possible. That’s probably one of the reasons why Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the priciest iPhone so far—iPhone X, are adding sophisticated features to match or even surpass what other leading smartphones have such as supporting wireless charging technology.

Isn’t it great? All of these recently launched iPhones (iPhone 8 and 8Plus) including the upcoming iPhone X support wireless charging! Probably most of you will say “It’s long overdue!” But finally, users of these new smartphones can experience wireless charging without the use of an extra adapter!

If you’re not so familiar with how wireless charging technology work, here’s what you need to know:

What Is Wireless Charging?

This means you can charge your phone without the use of cables or physical phone chargers through the use of a wireless host such as a wireless pad or dock. The process involves induction where electromagnetic field is formed from the transmission of electric current which is produced from the coil of the  host (wireless pad or a docking station) and transferred to the receiver (Qi-enabled phones). The electric current that is being transferred to the phone is converted into energy which supplies “juice” to the phone.

The most known wireless charging standard is called Qi—which is supported by many leading smartphones like Samsung, Microsoft, Google and now— iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are adapting this modern charging method. With this wireless technology the new iPhones will only need a fast wireless charger (no need for extra adapters or special casing) all you have to do is place the phone on the wireless charger and let the process begin.

What to Consider When Choosing a Fast Wireless Charger

With all the varieties of wireless charging devices, it would be hard to choose which one is worth buying.  This is why Nekteck comes up with its own wireless charging devices that will suit its user’s preferences.

Nekteck Qi Wireless Charging Stand consistently works well with Samsung Galaxy  S8/ S8 Plus/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge, Note 5, Note 8 and other Qi enabled phones. Thus, it will be an excellent choice for your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and even iPhone X.

Nekteck wireless charger uses dual coil technology for better and faster current transmission. What’s cool about its wireless pad is that it allows vertical and horizontal positioning of your smartphones, so you can conveniently choose its orientation when charging. It has a LED status indicator found on the base panel which signals that charging is on process—the blue light indicates a connection is established so wireless charging is in progress.

Nekteck’s Qi Wireless Charging Stand is at par with the leading wireless charging products in the market today, less the hefty price. It has a contemporary sleek design that suits your modern home or office that’s why most users prefer wireless charging because it doesn’t require the use of physical cables to charge your phones (Saves you the troubles of connecting and disconnection the cable which sometimes caused issues on the charging port especially if you tend to charge your device regularly) Nekteck’s wireless charger has a non-slip base so it doesn’t easily slip and stays on its place.

Another noteworthy update about iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X is that all are capable of fast wireless charging. Fast charging capacity (1.4 times faster compared to standard wireless charging) is also possible with Nekteck’s wireless chargers.

Please note that your smartphone must support fast charging technology–just like the newest iPhones, as well as Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6 Edge, Note 5 and Note 8. To facilitate this with the Nekteck’s wireless charger, you need a Quick Charge 3.0 Adaptive Fast Charger as the power source to optimize your charging experience.

Nekteck offers a Quick Charge 3.0 Wall Charger which is 75% faster and can also be used as the power adapter which is compatible with most Qi wireless charging device. The use of this will enable the fast charging feature of the compatible phones. But to set proper expectation, do mind that charging wirelessly is different from wired charging— where the latter could be faster but easily wears out your phone’s USB charging port whereas in wireless charging, you’ll never have to deal with this kind of issue.

It is also advisable to remove any metal plates or protective cases on your phone that may hamper the process of transmission of current, just like how wireless (Wifi) internet works where thick pads or walls that block the connection may affect the quality of signal or performance.

If you’re a minimalist, you probably avoid bulky devices, you may want to consider a wireless charging pad which can just lay flat on your table and you just need to put your Qi enabled device on the surface of the pad to function. It’s sleek, round and lightweight– you can just lay your device on the surface of the pad. Nekteck offers quality wireless chargers with warranty and after sales support at a very affordable price compared to other electronic brands.

Can you use it with your older iPhone or other smartphone models?

Yes, but note that in this case, you need to utilize a special type of adapter or phone casing that enables wireless charging. The adapter or the casing will function as the receiver of the electric current since some phones don’t have a built in wireless receiver just like the older iPhones. In this case, other smartphones can still take advantage of the wireless charging technology.

With everything that’s transforming to wireless nowadays, users are excited with it’s the next innovation. Years from now, wireless technology could also offer more mobility and less restrictions when it comes to distance, positioning and phone compatibility. By that time, probably users can charge their iPhones 10 feet away from the charging device or have it fully charged in a span of an hour. The possibilities are endless.  Everybody would love to see that happening real soon.