Why Nekteck Obtain USB-IF Certification for USB-C Charger?


Wht’s USB IF certification ?

Most products are now using USB ports to get power and establish  connection from  one device to another. This is why  USB Implementers Forum, Inc (USB IF) facilitates a compliance program in which USB cables undergo rigid test specification and measures to ensure that  USB cable or USB devices  will perform accurately and safely. Certification will only be achieved if the devices have completed and pass all the evaluation and testing process.


Why we certify our PD charger?

Since a USB PD charger is designed to produce higher watts and higher charging rate via a USB connection, Nekteck makes it a priority that we provide a safe and quality product by choosing a device that underwent and passed the USB IF’s validation, compliance testing and specification.This way, your high priced possessions such as your laptops, smartphones and other gadgets can be charged properly and safely. Despite most PD charger’s high power output which is now made possible by the latest USB C cable, USB IF compliant chargers wouldn’t have to worry of the danger caused by cheap non-compliants cables such as over current, over charging etc.


What does it mean if you buy USB-IF certified charger?

With todays growing demand and needs for USB technology and products, it is Nekteck’s responsibility to deliver the highest quality and the safest products in the market. USB IF certification is only given to those who have successfully completed and complied with USB standard performance, quality and specification. Therefore, buying a USB IF certified charger guarantees that your device has safety and quality certification compared to those that are not.  Buying chargers that are non-compliant or not USB IF certified have higher risks of electrical issues or worse is it can even lead to permanent damage of your connected devices.